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SRP Pro 2618 Chevrolet LS Gen III/IV Piston – 3.898 in. Bore – 1.294 in. CH, -3.20 CC

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SRP Pro 2618, Chevrolet, LS Gen III/IV, 3.898 in. Bore, 1.294 CD, Inverted Dome/Dish, Single Piston

JE Pistons SRP Pro 2618 line expands on the premium features of the SRP Pro series with the addition of extremely strong, 2618 forged aluminum material. All piston kits include gas-nitrided, carbon-steel pistons rings, pins, and locks. SRP Pro 2618 pistons maximize piston strength and maximize value, whether you’re building rowdy small block or a flame-spitting big block. As with all JE Pistons products, SRP pistons are made 100% in the USA.

  • Forged in the USA using 2618 aluminum, yielding high tensile strength needed for high-demand performance applications
  • Proprietary Forged Side Relief (FSR) forging design minimizes friction and power loss with reduced skirt width and saves additional weight with a shorter wrist pin
  • Ring groove design placement proven to maintain positive seal in high-HP, boosted applications, along with stout top land thickness for improved strength
  • Low-friction skirt coating reduces wear and reduces operating noise while optimizing performance
  • Includes high-quality wrist pins, locks, and JE Pro Seal premium piston rings
  • Accumulator groove helps reduce pressure from combustion gases, reducing ring fluttering and improving ring seal for consistent power
  • Made 100% in the USA

GTIN: 00193564256546

Piston Series

SRP Pro 2618

Cylinder Head


Bore Diameter

3.898 IN

Piston Head Type


Compression Height

1.294 IN

Piston Volume

-3.20 CC

Piston Material


Forging Type


Ring Set Included


Top Compression Ring Thickness

0.0595 IN

Second Compression Ring Thickness

0.0600 IN

Oil Ring Thickness

0.1175 IN

Wrist Pin Material

5115 Low Carbon Steel, Case Hardened

Wrist Pin Outer Diameter

0.927 IN

Wrist Pin Wall Thickness

0.200 IN

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Note: For a DISH piston – value in box must be a NEGATIVE number (-0.0)
Note: For a DOME piston – value in box must be a POSITIVE number (0.0)
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Block Deck Height
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Top Ring Down
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Chamber Volume
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Dome/Dish Volume
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