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JE Ultra Series Audi 2.5L TFSI Piston – 83.50 mm Bore – 1.165 in. CH, -8.80 CC

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JE Ultra, Audi, 2.5L TFSI TT RS 20V, 3.287 in. Bore, 9.50:1, Inverted Dome/Dish, Single Piston

Ultra Series forged pistons from JE are the industry’s strongest, most fully featured pistons available off the shelf. Offered for a wide range of import and sport compact applications from 2JZ to 4G63 and Audi to BMW, Ultra Series pistons feature JE’s proprietary Aligned Grain Flow forging technology providing next-level tensile strength ideal for the extreme cylinder pressures of power adder engine builds. Equipped with custom level features including thermal barrier crown coating, skirt coating, gas ports, and more, Ultra Series are the ideal pistons for your high-boost build. As with all JE Pistons products, Ultra Series pistons are made 100% in the USA.

  • Designed for Power: Every feature on Ultra Series Pistons are optimized to perform high-horsepower racing engines
  • Aligned Grain Flow Technology: Exclusively available on JE Ultra Series, this proprietary, in-house forging process maximizes tensile strength to withstand the stresses of high-performance engine environments
  • Skirt Coating: Reduces friction and wear on piston skirts and cylinder walls while simultaneously reducing operating noise, especially on cold start
  • Thermal Barrier Crown Coating: This ceramic-based coating reflects heat into the combustion chamber, therefore reducing piston crown temperatures and improving exhaust gas scavenging
  • High-Strength Wrist Pins: Premium thick-wall wrist pins are manufactured by Trend Performance in the USA and are designed for the demands of high-performance/power-adder builds
  • Lateral Gas Ports: Help maintain power-producing ring seal at the top compression ring, even in high RPM and high boost situations
  • Optimized Pin Oiling: Enhanced pin oiling features keep pin, pin bores, and small-end lubricated for reduced heat, friction, and wear
  • Made 100% in the USA

GTIN: 00193564010186

Piston Series

JE Ultra Series

Cylinder Head


Bore Diameter

83.50 MM

Piston Head Type


Compression Height

1.165 IN

Piston Volume

-8.80 CC

Piston Material


Forging Type


Piston Average Weight

307 GR

Ring Set Included


Top Compression Ring Thickness

0.0395 IN

Second Compression Ring Thickness

0.0480 IN

Oil Ring Thickness

0.111 IN

Wrist Pin Material

9310 Nickel Carbon Steel Alloy

Wrist Pin Length

2.250 IN

Wrist Pin Wall Thickness

0.230 IN

Engine Detail


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