Pistons 101

V-Twin Power: Performance Forged Pistons for Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-8 Engines

With a deep history in V-twin racing and performance, JE Pistons is proud to offer performance feature-rich pistons for Harley-Davidson's Milwaukee-8 engine platform. Get all the technical details on JE's M8 piston line here.

26 days ago

How to Install Motorcycle and ATV Piston Rings

Follow along with JE Pistons' complete, step-by-step guide to installing rings on your motorcycle or ATV piston(s).
8 months ago

Aligned Grain Flow: Introducing JE Pistons' Revolutionary Forging Technology

JE Pistons has innovated a game-changing new way to forge pistons that aligns the metal grain of the aluminum material to add strength from the inside out. Read all about it here.
11 months ago

Forged Pistons for Your Dirt Bike: JE Pro Series Advantage

JE Pro Series pistons for off-road motorcycles are a result of extensive engineering and R&D for a feature-rich piston that delivers performance and strength. See how Pro Series accomplishes professional-level performance here.
11 months ago

Tech Tips: Installing a New Piston in your Dirt Bike with Precision Concepts Racing

JE Pistons is proud to be a partner with Precision Concepts Racing for the 2019 season. When it was time for a new piston in one of their 2019 KX450s, we stopped by their shop to go over some tips on replacing a piston with their Lead Mechanic, Phil Valdez.
1 year ago

JE's Patented Perfect Skirt Coating Is A Breakthrough In Piston Technology

JE's patented Perfect Skirt coating makes piston slap, false knock, and cold-star wear a thing of the past. It also conforms to the shape of the bore.
1 year ago

How to Know Which Ring Set You Need for Your Pistons

So, you have a set of pistons that you want to re-ring, but you don't which rings to order. Here, we go over the options you have for measuring your old rings or ring grooves so JE can get you the rings you need.
1 year ago

How to Break-In An Engine

You have one chance to break in an engine correctly. Doing it the right way is worth power, torque, and engine longevity. We walk you through the ideal way to break in a new or freshly built engine.
1 year ago

Video: How to Install Perfect Skirt–Coated Pistons

JE's revolutionary, Perfect Skirt piston coating prevents piston slap and and skirt wear, but requires a few special considerations during installation. Follow along in this step-by-step video as we discuss proper measuring techniques.
1 year ago

How To Tell If Your Pistons Are Still Good

Gamblers are a different breed. They know when it’s time to fold their hand and live to fight another day. The art of building high performance engines involves often pushing engines near their limit. A good engine builder knows how to stack the odds in his favor. Is reusing pistons worth the risk?
1 year ago