Engine Builds

The 550+ HP Suzuki GS Nitrous Pro Street Drag Bike

Check out the inside details on Mummert's JE Pistons-powered Suzuki GS Pro Street nitrous drag bike piloted by Richard Gadson

10 months ago

Papadakis Racing Builds the First 1,000hp 2020 Supra Engine!

Papadakis Racing takes a 2020 B58 Supra engine from mild to wild in this three-part video series. Follow along as they document the entire build process. 
1 year ago

Nelson Racing Engines’ 260ci, Twin-Turbocharged LS is Purpose-Built For Abuse

Nelson Racing Engines proves big things come in small, reliable packages. This 260ci LS engine may not displace much in the way of cubic inches, but with twin NRE turbos it makes a ton of power.
1 year ago

Stroker Survival: How Bore Length Can Make or Break Your Stroker Engine

Bore length, also known in the industry as sleeve length, is often overlooked in favor of maximum cubic inches, but in order to build a long-lasting, high-powered engine it is a major consideration. We explore sleeve length, stroke, and selecting rotating assembly components that work in harmony.
1 year ago

How to Break-In An Engine

You have one chance to break in an engine correctly. Doing it the right way is worth power, torque, and engine longevity. We walk you through the ideal way to break in a new or freshly built engine.
2 years ago

Video: How to Install Perfect Skirt–Coated Pistons

JE's revolutionary, Perfect Skirt piston coating prevents piston slap and and skirt wear, but requires a few special considerations during installation. Follow along in this step-by-step video as we discuss proper measuring techniques.
2 years ago

Video: Disassembling a 1,000HP Drift Engine with Stephan Papadakis

Stephan Papadakis tears down a 1,000hp Toyota 2AR after four drift events and shares some speed secrets on how to evaluate a race engine.
2 years ago

Sneak Peek: Ted Eaton's 2018 Engine Masters Challenge Engine is a 600HP Y-Block!

Ted Eaton, is an an Engine Masters Challenge Ace. We take a sneak peek at the 600+ horsepower Y-Block Ford he's bringing to Engine Masters 2018!
2 years ago

High Compression Polaris RZR XP 900 Race Build

Keith Reid is a dedicated racer in the modern world of UTV racing. He currently races a RZR XP 900, that was recently rebuilt to add more power and reliability. Read on as we take a look inside Keith's engine, powered by JE pistons.
2 years ago

JE Pistons Summer Gasket Match Special - 50% off Pro Seal Gaskets!

Don't miss JE's Summer Gasket Match special where we will be offering half off of JE Pro Seal MLS headgaskets with proof of purchase of a set of JE Pistons! Read on for more info on this limited time offer.
2 years ago