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JE Pistons Hosts Engine Masters Challenge at Ohio Manufacturing Headquarters

JE Pistons is happy to announce their presenting sponsorship of the Hot Rod Engine Masters Challenge. The 2018 event will be held at JE's Mentor, Ohio manufacturing facility. Full details here.
2 years ago

Making 900hp+ on an EJ25 With Shelf Stock Pistons

Time Attack champion Mark Jager has been running JE Pistons shelf stock for years. Check out the short block build at Outfront Motorsports!
3 years ago

Fredric Aasbo Becomes Winningest Driver In Formula Drift History

The 1,000 horsepower, turbo and nitrous assisted Corolla iM driven by Fredric Aasbo is now the winningest driver in Formula Drift history.
3 years ago

Hot Rod Builds a 1000+ Horsepower Coyote Engine

Hot Rod Builds a 1000+ horsepower capable Coyote engine with MPR Engines. They chose to use JE electroless nickel coated pistons and Pro Seal gaskets. Check it!
3 years ago

Inside the Engine: Dai Yoshihara's 1200hp+ Turbo LSX BRZ

We talk to Dai's crew chief, Mike Kojima about their 2017 Formula Drift engine combination in their Subaru BRZ.
3 years ago

Are Thinner Rings Worth More Power?

We built two identical sets of pistons for our friends at Hot Rod so they could test how thicker versus thinner rings affect an engine's performance.
3 years ago

Inside the Engine: Fredric Aasbo's 1000hp tC & iM 4-Cylinder

On this Inside the Engine, we take a look into Fredric Aasbo's 1000hp 4-cylinder that's also in his new iM race car for 2017! Built in SoCal by Papadakis Racing
3 years ago

Building a BMW S54 M3 Engine For Boost

Turnology built an S54 BMW M3 engine featuring JE pistons and Pro Seal head gaskets, check out the story here!
3 years ago

A Tour Through JE: Where Custom Pistons are Born

Take a stroll through JE's USA made piston manufacturing facility. With 150+ CNCs and 150,000+ square feet, we do everything from forging to machining in house.
3 years ago

Honda K-Series Max Effort Naturally Aspirated Pistons

Are you looking for a shelf piston that has all the features normally found in a custom? Check out our new JE high compression K20 and K24 pistons!
4 years ago