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Econobox Honda with a Sport Bike Soul: This Hayabusa-Swapped Honda Marches to its own Beat

Engine swaps may be somewhat common, but transplanting a motorcycle engine into a car is not your everday weekend project. Road & Track shared all the details with us on this JE Pistons powered, Hayabusa-swapped Honda Beat!

6 days ago

Gulf Oil Drag Racing and their 2019 Top Fuel Bike Success

JE Pistons is proud to work with the Gulf Oil Drag Racing team in their pursuit of mind-boggling horsepower and record-setting quarter-mile times.
5 months ago

Tech Tips: Installing a New Piston in your Dirt Bike with Precision Concepts Racing

JE Pistons is proud to be a partner with Precision Concepts Racing for the 2019 season. When it was time for a new piston in one of their 2019 KX450s, we stopped by their shop to go over some tips on replacing a piston with their Lead Mechanic, Phil Valdez.
1 year ago

How to Know Which Ring Set You Need for Your Pistons

So, you have a set of pistons that you want to re-ring, but you don't which rings to order. Here, we go over the options you have for measuring your old rings or ring grooves so JE can get you the rings you need.
1 year ago

JE Pistons Honda CRF450R Restoration

We restored a 2006 Honda CRF450R from an ex-dyno mule to a modernized moto machine to display in the JE Pistons. Here, we take a look at all the products used and changes made to freshen up this bike.
1 year ago

High Compression Polaris RZR XP 900 Race Build

Keith Reid is a dedicated racer in the modern world of UTV racing. He currently races a RZR XP 900, that was recently rebuilt to add more power and reliability. Read on as we take a look inside Keith's engine, powered by JE pistons.
2 years ago

Cory Texter: American Flat Track Racing Extraordinaire

JE Pistons sat down with Cory Texter, owner and racer for Cory Texter Racing, to get the scoop on his flat track racing career, and his efforts racing the Singles class this year. Check out the full interview here.
2 years ago

A Reference Guide to JE Auto Piston and Ring Markings

JE pistons uses a glossary of piston and ring markings to keep track of unique piston features. Piston markings include intake and exhaust delineation, offset pin indication, part numbers, forging numbers, and more. See what these markings look like, and what they mean.
2 years ago

A Reference Guide to JE Powersports Piston and Ring Markings

We've put together a guide for all the specific markings and numbers you may find on your JE pistons and rings. This guide will help you understand why they're there, what they mean, and how you should use them when installing.
2 years ago

ADVMoto's Top End Rebuild Guide for your Honda XR650L

Adventure Motorcycle magazine rebuilt a Honda XR650L with a JE Piston kit and PowerSeal bored and replated cylinder. Read their step-by-step guide here.
2 years ago