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Stroker Survival: How Bore Length Can Make or Break Your Stroker Engine

Bore length, also known in the industry as sleeve length, is often overlooked in favor of maximum cubic inches, but in order to build a long-lasting, high-powered engine it is a major consideration. We explore sleeve length, stroke, and selecting rotating assembly components that work in harmony.
2 years ago

Explained: Symmetrical, Asymmetrical, and Full-Round Piston Skirt Design

There are several different styles of piston skirts, all of which play a vital role in how the engine operates. Learn the difference and make the right call!
3 years ago

Maximizing Horsepower with Piston Skirt Shaping

There's a lot that goes into piston design and one of those aspects is the skirt. The less drag created by the skirt on the bore equals more power.
4 years ago