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1999-2007 GSX 1300R          
  • Machined from 2618 T6 high tensile forged aluminum

  • Dome/Dish features smooth flowing radii and require no deburring or preparation

  • JE designs are specifically engineered for extreme applications including professional competition

  • Pins, pin fitment, lock and rings included
  • Std Bore: 81mm
    Disp. Bore Size Over Size Piston Kit # Comp Ratio Gram Weight Skirt Style Ring # Pin # Lock # Gasket # Sleeve #
    1299cc 81mm STD 262286 13.5:1 NEW Round JG1001-3189 787-2250-11-93C 787-050-MW JC8656 Deglaze
    1299cc 81mm STD 167679 12.3:1 239g Round XG8100 787-2250-11-52C 787-050-MW JC8656 Deglaze Only
    1299cc 81mm STD 213918* 8.7:1 227g Round XG8100 787-2250-14-52C 787-050-MW JC8599 Deglaze Only
    1363cc 83mm +2mm 167680 12.5:1 248g Round XG8300 787-2250-11-52C 787-050-MW JC8497 Bore & Plate
    1363cc 83mm +2mm 222102* 8.7:1 238g Round JG1001-3268 787-2250-14-52C 787-050-MW JC8497 Bore & Plate
    1397cc 84mm +3mm 172945 12.8:1 246g Round JG1001-3307 787-2250-11-52C 787-050-MW JC8621 Bore & Plate
    1397cc 84mm +3mm 262287 13.5:1 225g FSR JG1001-3307 787-2050-14-93C 787-050-MW JC8621 Bore & Replate
    1429cc 85mm +4mm 222101 12.5:1 243g Round JG1001-3346 787-2250-11-52C 787-050-MW JC8622 Bore & Plate
    1429cc 85mm +4mm 262288 13.5:1 227g FSR JG1001-3346 787-2050-14-93C 787-050-MW JC8622 Bore & Replate

         * Turbo Application Must run base spacer #JC7121

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