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Please select the application below that most closely resembles the motor you would like to create custom pistons for. Clicking on the link will open up a PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Print the drawing, filling in the appropriate dimensions of the piston you are trying to create. Once complete, fax your form back to your normal sales contact with a completed custom piston form. If you don't have a salesperson assigned you can fax it to our general fax line of 714-893-8297.

No Valve Reliefs
Flat Top Piston
Flat Top Dish Piston
Flat Top Spherical Dish Piston
2-Valve Reliefs
2-Valve Dish Piston
2-Valve Dish Piston Offset Stops
2-Valve Dome Piston
2-Valve Dome Piston Offset Stops
2-Valve Flat Top Piston
2-Valve Flat Top Piston Offset Stops
2-Valve Spherical Dish Piston
2-Valve Spherical Dish Piston Offset Stops
2-Valve Wedge Dish Piston
2-Valve Wedge Dome Piston
2-Valve Wedge Flat Top Piston
2-Valve Wedge Spherical Dish Piston
4-Valve Reliefs
4-Valve Spherical Dish Piston
4-Valve Flat Top Piston
4-Valve Dome Piston
4-Valve Dish Piston
Skirt Profile
Contour Tang
Oil Squirter Notch

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