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Top Groove Hard Anodize (GC)

This coating has proven to increase power output by allowing for extremely tight ring clearances. Available exclusively to top-level racing teams until now, this top ring groove coating creates a hard mating surface which virtually eliminates micro-welding while decreasing ring groove wear. Buildup is .00025" per surface and clearance must be added during manufacturing to accommodate the change.

Skirt Coating (SC)

This is a "break-in" coating applied to the skirt of the piston only, designed to show wear. This coating is a spray-on dry film that will help reduce friction and inhibit galling during initial break-in. No manufacturing allowance is required as this application is made to wear in to the cylinder wall.

Thermal Barrier Crown (CC)

The thermal barrier crown coating is applied to the top of the piston and is designed to reflect heat into the combustion chamber, thereby increasing exhaust gas velocity and greatly improving scavenging potential. The .0015" thick coating can also assist in extending piston life by decreasing the rate of thermal transfer.

KoolKote (KK)

KoolKote is an aerospace quality hard anodize applied to all surfaces of the piston with a buildup of .001". This coating is designed for use in nitro-methane engines such as Top Fuel Drag Racing to endure the corrosive effects of this fuel type. It will withstand greater temperatures and will not flake, chip or peel. This coating does alter the heat transfer and expansion characteristics of the piston. Consult the JE Pistons technical department for specific applications. Manufacturing allowances are required on all surfaces.

Tuff Skirt® (TS)

Tuff Skirt® is a JE Pistons trademark coating that is a lubricating, anti-friction / anti-wear coating applied to the piston skirt only. Unlike our standard Skirt Coating, Tuff Skirt® wears slowly over time and is designed to withstand many different types of endurance applications including NASCAR, rally and off-road racing.

Anodize Option B (AB)

Offers twice the buildup of the standard process (.0005" per surface). Through extensive R & D and field-testing, the Option B process has shown to be more durable in maximum effort, high endurance applications. Appropriate manufacturing allowances apply.

Anodize Option C (AC)

This coating is the same material as the Anodize Option B except is applied to the wrist pin bore instead of the top ring groove. This coating provides increased lubricity, smoother oil transfer, and better wear in the pin bore. The wrist pin hole must be honed both before and after anodizing.

Oil Shed Coating (OS)

This coating is applied to the underside of the piston. It is intended to reduce the reciprocating weight by repelling oil quicker than an untreated part. No additional manufacturing is required.

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