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To meet the demands of top tier racing teams and engine builders, JE Pistons is proud to offer our Critical Processing Program. For a nominal charge, your custom piston order will be processed in a dedicated manufacturing cell with unmatched precision. Please contact your JE Pistons sales representative for a quotation.

The JE Critical Processing Program includes the following:

  • Priority processing
  • All critical surfaces machined in our dedicated Critical Manufacturing Cell
  • Tighter tolerances on 14 critical areas of the piston
  • 23-point post-production inspection conducted by certified personnel with a minimum of 10 years piston inspection experience.
  • All final inspection performed in our environmentally-controlled inspection lab, maintained at a constant 68° F and 40% relative humidity
  • The JE critical inspection lab is equipped with the most modern measuring instruments available, including a Zeiss CMM with full contact scanning capability
  • Each piston individually serialized for complete traceability
  • Individually prepared inspection report serves as your guarantee of dimensional conformity
  • Size-specific, custom fitted closed-cell foam packaging

Here's how Critical Processing at JE Pistons can benefit your engine program:

  • Significant cost savings due to decreased labor requirements
  • Increased productivity
  • Over $2 million in state-of-the-art inspection equipment and a climate controlled inspection lab allows for more precise measurement of mission-critical features
  • Out-of-the-box insurance that your pistons are ready for immediate use and within your specifications

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