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2009-2017 XP 850 Sportsman

  • Machined from 2618 T6 high tensile forged aluminum

  • Dome/Dish features smooth flowing radii and require no deburring or preparation

  • JE designs are specifically engineered for extreme applications including professional competition

  • Pins, pin fitment, lock and rings included

  • Important special note on cylinders materials

  • Iron bores XP 850 engines have a max bore of 87mm

  • Nicasil bores XP 850 engines have a max bore of 93mm

2009-2017 XP 850 Sportsman
Std Bore: 87mm
Kit #
Disp. Bore
Wt (g)
Ring # Pin # Lock # Gasket # Sleeve # Footnote
308408 850cc 87mm STD 11.5:1 269 Round XC8700 787-2250-18-51C 787-050-MW Call
308409 909cc 90mm +3mm 11.5:1 289 Round XC9000 787-2350-14-51C 787-050-MW Call
308410 971cc 93mm +6mm 11.5:1 306 Round XC9300 787-2350-14-51C 787-050-MW Call

- Denotes part # has been issued a new part #. A list referencing old part #s to their new counterparts will be available shortly.

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