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426 HEMI
426 Hemi
The Chrysler engine family has a rich history of innovation and performance both on and off the racetrack. Chrysler’s modern V8 engines appeared as early as 1951 with the introduction of the 331 Hemi. Since that time many factory and aftermarket variations of the engines have appeared in street, strip and high-performance racecars all over the world.

Chrysler has produced two types of small block V8 engines; the "A" series from 1956-66 and the "LA" series from 1964 to the present of which the current Magnum engines are a derivative. JE flat top and inverted dome pistons work well with both of these engine families and with the help of the compression ratio formula listed here, you can determine what piston style best suits your needs. Later versions of the "LA" series like the 340 often have positive deck heights (where the piston protrudes out of the block) so extreme care should be taken to inspect piston to cylinder head clearance as shown here.

Big Block Chryslers can also be separated into two categories, the "B" and the "RB". The difference in these two engine types is cylinder block deck height with the "B" group comprised of the 383, the 400 and others at 9.980" deck, and the "RB" group including the 426 and the 440 at 10.725" deck. Use the compression height formula here to determine which JE shelf piston is appropriate for your application.

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