302 Flat Tops
351W Flat Tops
302 Inverted Dome
351W Inverted Dome
302 / 351 Big Bore Dome
351 N Head Gas Ported Flat Top
427 / 428 FE
427 / 428 "FE" Inverted Dome
427 / 428 "FE" Flat Top
427 / 428 "FE" Dome
4.6L 2V
4.6L 3V
4.6L 4V
5.4L 2V
5.4L 3V
5.4L 4V
5.0L Coyote
5.2L Voodoo
460 Flat Top
460 Inverted Dome
Pinto / Mini Stock Flat Top
JE shelf Pistons for the 302/351 Small Block Ford engines are designed to suit most Ford Factory as well as aftermarket cylinder heads with a few notable exceptions. All Ford Cleveland style "canted valve" heads, Brodix models BF200 and BF300, Chapman SC1 and all TFS "Twisted Wedge" heads require custom pistons unless the JE part is specifically noted to suit that application. JE does offer some shelf pistons specifically designed for the Twisted Wedge style heads. These are designated the "Twisted Series" pistons and are listed along with the standard models where they are available.

Big Block Ford engines are separated into two categories to determine piston to cylinder head compatibility. First are the early FE styles that include the 390, 406 HP, 410 Mercury, 427 and 428 Standard, 428CJ and the 428 SCJ (427 SOHC heads require custom pistons). Second are the later style 429/460 heads (SVO A, C, E, 460SCJ and Boss 429 heads all require custom pistons). All JE Big Block Ford shelf pistons are designed to work with most other factory and aftermarket heads.

If you have questions regarding the head chamber details on your particular cylinder head JE suggests that you contact the cylinder head manufacturer directly. Always physically check the proper clearances as explained in the notes and diagrams here.

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