305 Small Block 23º Flat Top
F.S.R. Superfly GP (Gas Ported)
Ultra-Light GP (Gas Ported)
Ultra-Light Flat Top
Tour Series GP (Gas Ported)
F.S.R. Tour Series GP (Gas Ported)
350/400 Standard Flat Top
350 Heavy Duty 23º Flat Top
Extreme Duty 23º Inv. Dome
350 Standard & GP 23º Inv. Dome
Nitrous Series Dome
350/400 Small Block Dome
23º F.S.R. Hollow Dome GP (Gas Ported)
350/400 Pro Topline® / RHS® And Brodix® 11X
350/400 18º Flat Top
350 18º Dome
400 Small Block 18º Dome
400 Small Block GP (Gas Ported) 18º Dome
ALL PRO 13 / GB2000
All Pro 13º/GB2000
13º All Pro®/13.5º GB2000 Dome
Brodix-12 15º
Brodix-12 15º Solid Dome
LT Series
Gen V LT1
LS Series
15º LS1
LS7  F.S.R. Dish
LS Asymmetrical FSR Flat Top
LS Asymmetrical FSR Dish
LS Asymmetrical FSR Dome
LS7 Asymmetrical FSR Flat Top
LS7 Asymmetrical FSR Dish
LS7 Asymmetrical FSR Dome
SB2.2 Dish
14º Pro Action® / Pro Topline®
Originally developed in 1955 at 265 cubic inches, the small block Chevy engine has evolved into the most popular engine in history. With literally millions of factory production units in circulation, the performance aftermarket has exploded with countless variations of this engine. When choosing a piston, the choices can be reduced to a few simple steps.

Piston to cylinder head compatibility is determined by two major factors, dome shape/size and valve relief (VR) placement. VR placement on the piston is influenced by two characteristics of the particular cylinder head being used; valve angle and valve spacing. The following paragraph discusses the VR placement characteristics of the most popular small block Chevy cylinder head, the 23º.

Factory GM heads are used to define standard valve spacing and angle (thus 23º) for many small block Chevy’s. Additionally most 23º aftermarket cylinder heads incorporate what is commonly known as "60/40 Shift" (See diagram at right) in order to allow for larger valves. All JE flat top and inverted dome shelf piston designs accommodate "60/40 Shift" and will work with most aftermarket 23º cylinder heads, including those with oversized valves and angle milled surfaces. TFS "Twisted Wedge", AFR227 and Brodix 10X cylinder heads will require custom pistons.

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