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JE Pistons Expands Popular SRP Piston Line for 2015
IRVINE, Calif.  (December 11, 2014) – JE Pistons, the leader in high-performance forged and billet racing pistons, is adding jobs to both its Mentor, Ohio and Irvine, Calif., facilities to answer increased demand and to facilitate a focused effort on resetting the industry standard for customer service and timely product delivery.

SRP Pistons, the industry standard for affordable, high-quality forged racing pistons, has expanded both its SRP and SRP Professional product offering, adding over 260 part numbers to the collective 2015 lineup. The product extension encapsulates the Small Block Chevrolet and Small Block Ford for the traditional SRP line and GM LS Series, Small Block Chevy, Small Block Ford and Ford Modular engines for the SRP Professional Piston product line. All SRP Pistons are designed and manufactured by SRP’s parent company, JE Pistons.

The expansion to the traditional SRP product line maintains the high-quality, reliable dedicated forgings that have made SRP popular. However, the line has experienced a significant increase in the variety of bore sizes offered and new rod/stroke combinations. Small Block Chevy and Small Block Ford experienced the largest growth in bore sizes. The latest SRP product entension includes previously unavailable bore sizes such as 4.000” and 4.005” that provide off-the-shelf pistons for affordable new blocks such as the Dart SHP.
Traditional SRP features provide a fully CNC-machined piston with radiused symmetrical valve pockets. Machined oil drank backs, CNC diamond turned skirts, pressure-fed pin oilers, floating wrist pins with spiro locks translate into a premium piston that both the professional racer and performance enthusiast can rely on. SRP Pistons are designed and manufactured in the United States from 4032 aluminum alloy, specifically for high-performance applications where strong but still quiet pistons are a must-have. These pistons require less initial piston-to-wall clearance and are quieter at start-up, making them perfect for both street and strip applications.

SRP Professional Pistons has rolled out over 160 new part numbers. Each new part offers the same high-performance features that make SRP Professional the most advanced off-the-shelf piston line for race-ready applications. Extremely lightweight, dedicated FSR forgings set SRP Professional Pistons apart from the traditional SRP line. Accumulator grooves, skirt coating reduced length 2.250” wrist pins and premium nitrided ring packages are all standard features of the SRP Professional line. A brushed dome eliminates sharp edges for a ready-to-install finish and FSR forging trims up to 70 grams from a traditional full round piston design with more strength and durability due to modern FEA designs. Premium gas nitraded rings provide maximum life for all applications.

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